Review of Paul Youngquist. A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism

We just released Justine M. Bakker’s review of Paul Youngquist’s A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism. It’s available in advance form in Volume 5.

Review Article on Recent Publications in the Study of Satanism

We are very glad to inform you that we’ve just published a review article from Ethan Doyle White. In “Sympathy for the Devil: A Review of Recent Publications in the Study of Satanism,” Ethan examines Asbjørn Dyrendal, James R. Lewis and Jesper Aa. Petersen’s The Invention of Satanism (Oxford: Oxford University Press), Massimo Introvigne’s Satanism: A Social History (Leiden: Brill), and Ruben van Luijk’s Children of Lucifer: The Origins of Modern Religious Satanism (Oxford: Oxford University Press). The review article is available in advance form in volume 5.

Review of Archetypes from Underground

We just published Stanislav Panin’s review of Lonny Harrison’s Archetypes from Underground. Notes on the Dostoevskian Self (Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016). The review is available in advance form in volume 5.

František Novotný reviews The Arras Witch Treatises

František Novotný’s review of The Arras Witch Treatises (University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2016) is now online in advance form. You can find it in Volume 5 (2017).

Volume 4 is released

We are happy to inform you that Correspondences 4 (2016) is now available in finalised form. We are very excited about this volume, which includes three research articles and six reviews, in addition to the editorial. Enjoy reading the volume!

Happy holiday 2016

The finalised version of Correspondences volume 4 (2016) will be released in January 2017. Happy holiday from the Correspondences crew!

The “Baphomet” of Eliphas Lévi

We’re happy to release Julian Strube’s research article “The “Baphomet” of Eliphas Lévi: Its Meaning and Historical Context” in advance form. The article demonstrates that a historical contextualization of the Baphomet leads to an understanding of its meaning that is significantly different from prevalent interpretations. You can find the article in Volume 4 (2016).

Christopher Plaisance reviews Handbook of the Theosophical Current

Christopher A. Plaisance’s review of Handbook of the Theosophical Current  is now online in advance form. You can find it in Volume 4 (2016).

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Giudice

We would like to congratulate Dr. Christian Giudice of the Correspondences editorial board who publicly defended his dissertation, “Traditionalism and Occultism: Arturo Reghini and the Antimodern Reaction in Early Twentieth Century Italy,” at the University of Gothenburg on 28 October 2016.

Burns’ review published in advance form

We’ve just published Dylan M. Burns’ review of Revelation, Literature, and Community in Late Antiquity, edited by Philippa Townsend and Moulie Vidas. The review can be found, in addition to our other reviews and article, in Volume 4 (2016).