Volume 5 (2017)

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1-2 (PDF)

Research Articles

Wouter J. Hanegraaff. The Theosophical Imagination
3-39 (PDF)

James F. Lawrence. Correspondentia: A Neologism by Aquinas Attains its Zenith in Swedenborg 
41-63 (PDF)

Julie Chajes. Reincarnation in H.P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine
65-93 (PDF)

Review Articles

Ethan Doyle White. Sympathy for the Devil: A Review of Recent Publications in the Study of Satanism
95-112 (PDF)


Andrew Colin Gow, Robert B. Desjardins, and François V. Pageau, eds., trans. The Arras Witch Treatises. University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2016. Reviewed by František Novotný.
113-116 (PDF)

Lonny Harrison. Archetypes from Underground. Notes on the Dostoevskian Self. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2016. Reviewed by Stanislav Panin.
117-120 (PDF)

Paul Youngquist. A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2016. Reviewed by Justine M. Bakker.
121-126 (PDF)

Henrik Bogdan and James R. Lewis. Sexuality and New Religious Movements. New York: Palgrave, 2014. Reviewed by Jay Johnston.
127-129 (PDF)

Eric Kurlander. Hitler’s Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich. New Haven/London: Yale University Press 2017. Reviewed by Julian Strube.
130-139 (PDF)