Volume 6, no. 2 (2018)

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Editorial: Time to Drop the “Western”
109–115 (PDF)

Research Articles

Avery Morrow. Boundary Work in Japanese Religious Studies: Anesaki Masaharu on Religious Freedom and Academic Concealment
117–143 (PDF)

Hans Thomas Hakl. Deification as a Core Theme in Julius Evola’s Esoteric Works
145–171 (PDF)

Peter Lanchidi. Between Judaism and Freemasonry: The Dual Interpretation of David Rosenberg’s Kabbalistic Lithograph, Aperçu de l’Origine du Culte Hébraïque (1841)
173–200 (PDF)

Aaron French. The Mandela Effect and New Memory
201–233 (PDF)


Arthur Versluis. Platonic Mysticism: Contemplative Science, Philosophy, Literature, and Art. Albany: State University of New York Press 2017. Reviewed by Nicholas Banner.
235–244 (PDF)

Stephen C. Finley, Margarita Simon Guillory, & Hugh R. Page Jr., (eds.). Esotericism in African American Religious Experience: “There is a Mystery”… Leiden and Boston: Brill 2014. Reviewed by Fredrik Gregorius.
245–248 (PDF)